Friday, November 14, 2008

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Stupid stupid Internet.

I wrote down my thoughts of the latest episode of Heroes and they would not save. Have I told you all that certain mobile broadband sucks, is a complete ripoff and indeed makes false claims about its coverage?

Onto the discussion about the latest Heroes episode Villains. I felt it was perhaps the worse of all the episodes this season. My friend however thought it was the best which confused me greatly. For me there was nothing new contained in the episode except perhaps that Arthur tried to kill Nathan and that Angela tried to kill Arthur. Also it does not tally with season one at all like how Angela acted, the relatively scant information around Arthur like the fact that he certainly did not have powers around the time of the war when he and Linderman met. It gives me a Lost-esque headache when you start wondering why Linderman and Angela had powers especially as Arthur was already married by the time he and Linderman met. It seems as if Season 3 is attempting to rewrite Season 1 and I don't like that one bit.
Let me just say that I still love Heroes and I hope that all these changes, sackings etc. don't spell the beginning of the end NBC needs to be patient which is something that most networks tend to lack anyway enough of this I will be posting again soon.

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