Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Facebook drives you crazy

Facebook is pretty great and leads to no end of good things. All those pictures of those females you know wearing "interesting" outfits (god bless costume parties). Also it is a social network like no other and in my opinion owns Myspace. Things like keeping in touch with friends who you may have moved away from even to other countries and also enabling people to make new friends.

There is a dark side of Facebook though and certainly spending too much time on there can drive you crazy. Now I am going to discuss my main problem with or related to Facebook and I wonder if anyone else has had the same issue. Consider for a minute your friend list, now I have a set of assumptions I will make such as you have been using Facebook for at least 18 months to have actually built up a friend list AND that you log into it at least twice a month otherwise in m experience all the more frequent users of Facebook would have given you up for dead in fb terms.

That in mind of those friends on your list a lot of them will be people who you won't see from day to day but you might like to message from time to time, maybe they are people you knew from a prior workplace or perhaps they are someone who you met more recently and would like to get to know better. The issue quickly becomes though that fb in this case is your only channel of communication you don't have their phone number and visiting them would be a bit hit and miss after all how would you know when they are in.

Needless to say it can drive you mad when someone you really want to talk to is not returning your messages and you then want to send them messages asking why they are going on to their accounts adding pictures leaving comments and not responding to your messages.

All that is left for the person concerned is to resist the urge to go full stalker mode and freak everyone out. Just as well tonight's episode of Voyager is all about the Vulcan way of life. Time for me to go live long and prosper.

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