Thursday, January 8, 2009

Level 75 and why Hollyoaks is fun


After toiling in Dragonblight for over 130 quests all of which were fun filled and rewarding I have achieved level 75 on my main (which for the uninitiated means the primary character I use on World of Warcraft.) I am still not finished in Dragonblight though rather unfortunately, I still have to finish some Wrathgate quests which gets you another achievement though it is not like I plan on collecting them at the moment best to head towards 80 first in my opinion.

I also intend to get myself a nice title once I hit 80 after the necessary grinding of course think I might go with the faction ones not sure which one yet. To think that I still have no sorted out my epic and cold weather flying yet.


Hollyoaks is a guilty pleasure I say I watch it to be fair I only catch about 20 minutes a week so it is hardly a regular thing for me but let’s be honest it features some of the hottest people on TV. It is responsible for the careers of one of the hottest British Actresses in my opinion one Gemma Atkinson. It also does what in my opinion what most soaps fail to do which is stay interesting while not being incredibly depressing.

Yes it deals with a lot of heavy stuff and I think the call this number stuff at the end is a good thing. The main reason I wanted to mention it is to talk about my current favourite actress on the show one Jessica Fox (great name I think) once the rock chick now a little less so but it looks like the storyline she is getting involved in is about to get more interesting we can only hope.

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