Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So a quick Blog update while I watch last week’s Pretty Little Liar episode. 

[World of Warcraft]
So to be honest I find myself losing interest in logging into WoW and heading off on the grind of one type of another. Either it is the reputation grind on my level 85 Death Knight to play the ilvl game or it is the grind of questing and whatever to level up those characters lagging behind. At least PVP on my level 17 Shaman is kind of funny though I wish I had a few more instant cast abilities. I just need to learn the play style a little more perhaps?

I have even got tired of trying to expand my gold reserves. This is unfortunate so I hope cooling things down in Azeroth will lead to me coming back refreshed and enthusiastic at least I hope so.

[The Southern Vampire Mysteries]
I am really eating up this series as of now I am up to book 6 and working my way through that. While Sookie has turned out to be a bit of a slut the rest of the characters are very interesting especially Eric definitely a deeper more well rounded character than we see on True Blood even if that iteration of Eric comes in an exceptionally pretty package.

I definitely have this series in my Top 5 along with titles like Morganville Vampires and the House of Night series. I may not be the most well read of people but I am pretty competent about my Vampire related YA titles.

[St. Valentine’s Day]
Blatant commercial opportunism? A chance for couples to re-ignite their passion for each other. Who knows I certainly don’t as I have kept up my record since puberty of not having a significant other at this particular time of the year. Of course most of the rest of the year I am swimming in it, JUST SAYING. Anyway it would be somewhat remiss of me I think to not make at least some reference to this holiday. So I thought what better time than to go with shameless pictures of gorgeous actresses? As a result I have chosen these three such ladies for your consideration.

Janina Gavankar – I first saw her on the prematurely cancelled supernatural drama The Gates, you may know her from the L Word and you will be seeing her in the upcoming season of True Blood, I find her enchanting and she spends a lot of time on Twitter with her fans even doing a streaming of a recent photoshoot.

Shay Mitchell - *Fangs drop* She looks absolutely delicious. Currently heating up the screens on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars a cult hit based on a popular book of the same name. Her appeal might be helped by the fact that her character is on the swim team and trust me ladies and gentlemen Shay looks the part with just that right mix of muscle tone and curves.

Emma Watson – Got be up there in the top 5 searched for celebrities on the Interweb you don’t need me to tell you what she is famous for and why she continues to stay in the celebrity buzz and will do long after the Harry Potter movie franchise fades into the background i.e. after the triple epic platinum 3D smellovision box set is released 10 years from now.

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