Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Beautiful Corner of the 'Net

So check this out I was looking through the Internet as men are oft times found doing. This site immediately leaped out at me as a very interesting idea explored. The site is called Half Asians and is dedicated to girls with part asian descent. This site immediately appeals to me as it cuts through the trouble of what is Asian which differs between the UK and US, in the US it generally refers to Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. while in the UK it tends to mean Indian, Pakistani Bangladeshi et al. Half Asian correctly states that both of these groups are in fact Asian.

I have always been fascinated by Asian girls I find them to often be exotic, I am not saying that Asian girls are better looking than any other ethnic background but in my day to day life I generally see Caucasian girls both in the media and in person in my travels so Asian girls are something new and interesting. Those who know me might explain my preoccupation with redheads over blondes for the same reasoning. Anyway redheads are a story for another day.

Above is Shay Mitchell which you may know from Pretty Little Liars and she is a very hot Half Asian. Anyway enough gabbing from yours truly check out the site.

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