Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The new BBC Sci-Fi miniseries about a human colony on a new planet and the struggle for civilisation. After catching the first episode I really wonder if I can bring myself to watch a second episode. The show is boring aimless and makes little sense at the moment, I know the UK have their own approach to show running but it always helps to drop a little origin or lore in the first episode so we know what the hell is going on. When you watch UK Sci-Fi you are often struggling to wrench the plot from little hints given to you, though to be fair the exposition in some US shows can you make you feel like the writers are treating you like an idiot so perhaps it is a difficult route to follow.

On second thought I really think I will try the next episode just to give it a shot I hope they open up the plot and maybe this time actually include some action of some sort to keep us interested. That is about it from me sorry about the short review.

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