Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are Guns All Bad?

So guns are always a controversial subject just last night I was listening to BBC Radio Five and there was an interesting news piece on an ongoing case about students and staff wanting the right to carry  firearms on campus at a college in America. They have a website here and it seems to have some support behind it if they are getting bills introduced to be discussed at the state level where gun control is mainly managed.

It is an interesting idea to be allowed to carry guns at as university or college, the anti-firearm lobby will point to no end of mass shootings at colleges and universities around America while those in favour will point to other less well documented cases where students or staff were able to take down potential killers due to their own firearms.

Well I certainly won’t be able to convince you one way or the other but I thought it was worth a short discussion anyway thanks for tuning in people.

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