Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here's to New Beginnings

So I have done it made it all the way through the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I find the series engaging exciting and a novel twist on Urban Fantasy. It is a mystery series with a set plot layout of murder and then Sookie's slow but steady uncovering of the reasons behind the murder. The mystery element of the books holds up well and is only enhanced by the rich lore of the supernatural meeting the modern world. The idea of Vampires coming out to the world is an interesting one especially with the juxtaposition of vampires as prey despite their incredible strength and speed due to their blood.

The stuff I can do without though includes Sookie's constant holier than thou crap, the sex scenes (bit of a prude I guess), the waffling of Sookie's thoughts and the constant need to tell us what has already taken place, it is interesting to note something as commercial as the Maximum Ride series manages to keep to a minimum. I fear this may have something to do with the success of True Blood.

I have just started on an exciting new project which I can't really go into at the moment it has its positive sides and its drawbacks but overall I feel it is for the better. Sorry about the short post I have been focusing on my other projects and letting my own personal blog suffer.

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