Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ello FRANS!!!

[Who knew a show about a chess master could be so interesting]
It is good to see again that Canadian TV can deliver the hits first with Lost Girl and now this show about a Russian chess genius. At the moment I find US on top then Canadian and lastly comes British TV. I would like to try out Hong Kong, Japanese or Chinese TV but I have absolutely no idea where to start.

Anyway back to the show in question as I write this little featurette I have only seen two episodes but it makes for exciting watching, reminds me a bit of House and The Mentalist and the chessboard scenes are interesting too suggesting that the Grand Master might not be totally in command of his faculties while retaining his acute insights.

I would highly recommend checking this out while the series lasts I am not sure how long the main idea of this guy going after the people who killed his wife but for now it is worth following with interest.

[Shaft takes a look at what the Summer holds]

So it is heading towards the last episode run of the shows that started in the autumn/fall although at the moment it is pretty much in the off season with a few shows coming back. Stargate Universe is one of those shows but we already know its fate as it was cancelled perhaps before its time but it was always a little convoluted and a step too far for normal network television.

Burn Notice is one of the shows that I am really looking forward to seeing return it is just compelling watching and the American public seem to agree with me with a prequel movie getting the green light and currently in production. Burn Notice is the story of a US spy who is disavowed by his agency and embarks on a mission to clear his name while doing a variety of jobs for people in need in the exotic locales of Miami.

Another show that will be returning is True Blood and after spending the off season consuming the Southern Vampire Mysteries series (yep the whole thing) I am eager to get back into all thing Bon Temps. Janina Gavankar helps too but who doesn’t like hot shape shifters even when they’re not like 17 and male.

The final show I am waiting to see return is Covert Affairs starring Piper Perabo I initially decided to start watching this after I got into White Collar as they were both part of a decent one two punch by the network. It is worth a watch definitely. 

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