Sunday, March 6, 2011

So was I as prepared for the return to work?

Partly but you can never be fully prepared. It is a hell of a shock going back to the rigid of a job when there was no structure before even if it is just a three day a week role. The early mornings are a killer and have made me realise that major commuting is not my thing. So hopefully in the future I will be lucky enough to live close to where I work. I really like most of the work, some of it is meh but this is valuable experience which will only help me in the long run.

My health is pretty much always a concern and the sort of blister things on my feet made an appearance just before I started my new work. It seems to be somewhat under control now but a trip to the doctors might be an idea.

The next thing about getting a job is the effect it has on your finances. There is no end of discussion on stations like Radio Five Live and in newspapers that often getting a job means getting less money than you would on benefits soon I will be able to say whether or not that is true but my job isn’t full time which may affect things.
This is just the beginning people so let us see what the future holds.

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