Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is it just me or is Jim Powell on No Ordinary Family getting slowly scarier? I am not sure if the writers are so nuanced as to let us see every now and then that flare of righteous anger that comes to the surface when his family is threatened. The first time we saw this was the fight with Victoria Morrow, the shapeshifting menace. This fight was easily one of the most genuinely violent specatcles I have watched this side of YouTube. It wasn’t the flashy overly dramatic special effect fare you might see done well on Vampire Diaries or awfully on The Cape, it was down and it was mean and it was dirty.

Though we can debate well over whether or not Jim actually intended to kill her, in the end it seems that he didn’t lose a heck of a lot of sleep over her death. Now we have moved on to the more recent episode where Jim is fighting the Were-Super (see what I did there) protecting his daughter for a hardened and seemingly psychotic who just came very close to killing his wife. Though this time he manages to hold back at the behest of his daughter. If we ever get a second season for this show I bet we have not seen the last of dark Jim.

So this is my birthday month which I realise may not mean much to you but it is reasonably important to me, marking as it does my downward spiral towards senility. Fortunately though birthdays are not all about dying and how much closer you are probably moving to the point of your death, as such I am also thinking about things I want to come to pass.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I have left it to the last minute as usual which is just dumb of me but hey. I thought a Part Time job would leave me some time to get stuff done but I didn't realise that working would put such a strain on my body as even now I am having trouble walking and my skin definitely suffers. Anyway tomorrow is laundry day so hopefully that will afford me the time.

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