Sunday, April 24, 2011

iPhone knows where you've been, mahahahahahah


Surprise, surprise the Apple iPhone makes a record of where you are with the handset and stores it away without your knowledge, plus copies the information to your computer. I first saw this story on the BBC News site but of course something of this prominence has been doing the rounds all over the news outlets. I, however, don’t really think of this as news surely anyone who owns an iPhone (and those can be a strange bunch) knows it has a GPS function. They must also realise that GPS is there to track you, heck if you lose the phone you can remotely shut it down and render it inert. Recently in the news here UK side with a tragic death we here that the police track down the victims movements by tracking their mobile phone.

How naive can you get? Let me state for the record that there is no evidence that the iThings send off their information to the evil shadow government or Apple for that matter but the information that they store is unencrypted. Now what happens when you’re the most popular brand leagues ahead of your competitors, well ask Microsoft it is only a matter of time before some technical savant figures out a way to remotely copy the data information and send it off to somewhere.

Another thought that would get the conspiracy theorists going crazy is how the authorities must be salivating at this news. If they think you’re dodgy all they need to do is seize your phone and have access to your movements for the past year or so and all that without the usual issues that sort of invasion of privacy would entail. That for me is the scary thought.

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