Friday, April 29, 2011


So I know it has been ages and ages since I have talked about World of Warcraft. Pretty much gave it up since I started my new work because after I finished my first week I realised I would not really have the time I used to devote to it. Now after all this time I have settled into a slightly better routine and I have been thinking for a few weeks that I need a game to distract me in my off hours. I had been thinking about whether or not I should go back to World of Warcraft, on the plus side of things I am well established I know well what I am doing within the game though with those patches and hotfixes sometimes you feel like you are playing a different game. I have in game gold reserves and a good mix of characters and I know well that with MMORPGs at least as I experience them are a little underwhelming when you are just stuck levelling up.

The problem with WoW was that when I quit playing I was just not having any fun playing. I thought Cataclysm would revitalise thing because good grief the game was so dull and dead in the last say two months before the expansion finally launched. I have been reading about the patch changes and I think that I am going to give things another go, equal parts to see if the game is worth playing and to at least say goodbye to the people in game who have pretty much been my constant companions, I would give them a proper farewell.

The other choice is going for Rift which is currently doing very well according to most reviews with those that could be considered negative merely saying that the quests are too boring and the game is too much like World of Warcraft lite. Those seem like good things to me but due to a lack of hardware I will have to put off getting Rift until I upgrade my computer or rather buy a new one entirely as I am currently using an old gaming laptop.

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