Thursday, February 3, 2011


NBC are pulling the last 3 episodes of The Cape from production, which by itself does not mean it is cancelled it says everything BUT that by this accident. You can check out the story here thanks goes to @flightwoman who we will be talking about later.

The Cape was the NBC Sci-Fi show that at least us Heroes fan saw as its replacement, well it certainly did not live up to Heroes beater levels. While that show definitely went south after the initial season the Cape started down in the dumps. While watching the show I was never sure whether to take it seriously or not and the storyline chaffs badly.

Summer Glau is just ok in it, I mean it is Summer Glau she is just gorgeous and the sort of woman you like at and in each new scene you find another aspect of her non traditional beauty that you find intensely appealing, her character however is overly simplified but that could be because of the early nature of the show, who knows in the second season we might really get to delve into why she seems to be the daughter of Chess and why he doesn’t recognise her on sight.

Noticed how I just skipped over the so-called star David Lyons it is not entirely his fault but he just doesn’t scream central lead to me and he isn’t helped by the plot, the cape is hard to accept as a superhero device and the interesting physics involved just don’t help matters.

I feel bad that a show like this is being cancelled but in my opinion it doesn’t take a genius to see that this was a bad idea from the beginning. I just hope that this won’t scare away networks from making sci-fi and fantasy programs. Shows like Lost Girl show that good shows can be made without US style budgets.

How did I find out about this it is all thanks to my go to woman for news and entertainment articles @Flightwoman follow her and although your timeline will take a beating from time to time the news stories she brings you will be useful and kind of cool.

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