Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just some stuff

14% of Americans have seen a UFO according to the AP and Ipsos

Just a random thing I saw while looking at one of those international stories not to bash Americans because I don’t have a problem with them I love their top TV, Heroes, Dexter, The Unit and things like that, of course I am well aware that they also make a lot of dren too, proportionally perhaps even more than we do here in the UK but I would have to let a government funded research team work that out for me – enquiring minds need to know.

Zoey 101 magazine now for sale in the UK that made me laugh and laugh. “Learn to do your hair just like Zoey” just perhaps try to keep your legs shut eh? I don’t like to judge but the British public certainly does so I thought it was strange that they did not pull the plug on this particular magazine.

Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Again thanks to my time machine I have had a look at the first episode of this new series from the Terminator franchise. Lets just try and forget that last film because it really stunk up the place after the brilliance of T2. But onto this show, first things first it has Thomas Dekker in it; you know the gay one from Heroes. Yes his character was meant to be gay but the agent heard about it and nixed the idea (agents no matter what the industry seem to be evil lol).

It also has Summer Glau in it who I immediately recognised as Tess from The 4400 another one of the my favourite American shows, she is my age bit scary and very hard to except as someone who was in High School but hey you got to let the early things go or you will never watch any dramatic TV at all.

I liked it and I look forward to seeing the next few episodes but again with the WGA strike not looking like it will end anytime soon how many episodes is there? And if you did not know the pilot season is nearly open us it gets closer to the likelihood of no new US TV in 2008.

P.S. For those of you who know what dren is award yourself 10 points for your superior choice in quality TV and leave a comment with where the word comes from. You can then decide where the blog goes for its next entry or something whatever you would like.

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