Thursday, January 3, 2008

Shaft's new ongoing experiment

The News as Shaft sees it.

In the news today things that have peaked my interest.

MuggleNet attack
On Wednesday the 2nd January there was a hacker attack on MuggleNet and since then they have put up a notice and included a review of the year that was. MuggleNet if you didn’t know is the premiere Harry Potter fansite set up by Emerson Spartz in 1999. It is an award-winning site that also launched its own Podcast MuggleCast, which is a current top ten Podcast on Podcast Alley.
Just took me by surprise when I checked it this morning just have a quick look at all things Harry Potter for the last month or so only to see that there had been an attack and that the site won’t be back online in the short term till they find the problem and get it sorted.

Joey Barton released on bail
I just thought it was weird they kept him in over New Years I mean he is famous and less likely to you know hastily leave the country than most. Still they are the legal eagles so they must know what they are doing right? Whether or not he is guilty not so interesting to me and the press will no doubt spin it out endlessly till everyone is sick of it I just think at this point things are a little interesting.

Kid gets £3000 mobile bill
UK story. Hilarious story but obviously not for the family involved. A kid 17 years old if you are interested at all decided to use his mobile as a modem to connect to the Internet. He then apparently managed to rack up a bill of £3000 the report seemed to indicate that it happened in a day but that is somewhat hard to except. To me it just shows once again big business, surely after he went past £200 in a small amount of time alarm bells and notifications should have happened especially as it was seemingly a new contract.
On the other side however it also goes to say something about responsibility. Should a 17 year old have a contract mobile paid for by their mother? Also through the fine art of interview we found out that she also pays for his girlfriend’s but we didn’t get to find out why that was.

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