Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2007 is gone so here is what I think.

My favourite film of the year - The Brave One
Not sure why just had lots of fun watching it. I guess because by my nature I rarely browse much past the action and martial arts flicks to be fair this one as sooon as I saw the ads on TV was one I had to see and I was impressed by it.

My worst film of the year - Spider-man 3
Stank up the place terribly had no idea what it wanted to do. Lots of pointless weird scenes that I can't understand why they were forced into it.

Favourite Anime of the Year - Naruto Shippuuden
Not sure if it is spelt right there may or may not be too many "P"s in it. Got to love this show and finally after a long wait for its loyal fans it has finished with the filler crap that was driving most of us insane and got back to a kick ass storyline that continues the growth of Naruto and his friends through a time jump of two years and his return to the village determined to find and rescue Sasuke.

That is all for now I might continue on with this later.

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