Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Entertainment news and other stuff

Jericho – Returned from the great beyond. A little earlier perhaps than some would have liked, as it appears to have been leaked onto the torrent scene by an insider. By magic I saw the premiere recently and I have to say I was impressed this is the tricky second season that many fall down on, indeed it could be argued that the first part of the Heroes season two fell into that particular problem but the first episode was great continued on in a great way as well as opening up a few very interesting new storylines.

In other news Kyle XY is continuing on, which is just kind of odd really a 3-month gap from when the last episode came on. For those of you not in the know Kyle XY tells the story of a mysterious boy who appears to be a teenager but is other than that a blank slate. We see him face the trials and tribulations of being a teenager as well as learning about his mysterious powers and who he really is. It is a great show and was picked up by Trouble here in the UK not sure if it is still on though.

The strike is still with us but at least shows like this remind me why I rather watch US TV at 50% then most of what the UK offers in terms of repeats I mean programming. Still I am eagerly anticipating Torchwood coming on tomorrow especially as James Marsters will be appearing in one episode.

Itunes and Apple – I can’t say I am a huge fan of Apple personally ha an apple news story has just come on BBC News 24 about their new super thin notebook “MacBook Air” anyway I don’t have a problem with Macs never had the chance to use one myself not being much of a design head. Although to be fair dealing with Apple users and their incredibly high opinion of themselves and their strange belief that they are virus proof, it is just that no one can be bothered to try.

My problems tend to be around Itunes and Apple’s pricing policies for those of us unlucky enough to live in the UK. Itunes as a software is annoying I don’t want it but it does not seem to get the point, unfortunately Apple have managed to manoeuvre QuickTime as the film trailer’s industry codec of choice so you install QuickTime and then get Itunes doing its best impression of spyware constantly asking you to install it so it can do god knows what to your existing MP3 collection. No I don’t use an Ipod and while I do subscribe to a number of podcasts I had to persevere with Juice, there is nothing wrong with it but so many podcasters believe that MP3 player means Ipod they tend not to build in any contingencies for non-ipod users to work with which can be a total nightmare and probably means I listen to less podcasts than I might otherwise do.

Anyway that is enough blogging. For now. Mahahahaha.

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