Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Swollen fingers, cases of sprite and the news

So here I am blogging again not so much about entertainment but about news and other vaguely important stuff to me.

The Black Sisters
Only Harry Potter enthusiasts of the higher orders would realise who these wizard rockers are. They are also YouTube film-makers with over 100 videos dedicated to the world of Harry Potter. Their latest video was called confessions and celebrates their first year at YouTube and they come clean about a lot of things. Too hard to explain to non-Potter fans but I still thought it deserved to be included in my sum up of interesting things in media. The video is here

Drinking in the UK
On a radio phone in today they were asking why the British drink as much as they do indeed so much more than the rest of Europe. Most people who called in did seem to be actually taking it seriously and a few different reasons were given. The most popular answer was indeed "living for the weekend" with such justifications as the amount of hours the British public do as to why they tend to drink so hard. Sounds reasonable and would surely point the government in a different direction than constantly putting up the prices of alcohol in its various forms as a form of solution. It must be more than that though but don't ask me what it is. No doubt it will be on some panel show in the near future.

Thats enough for now will add some more when I find more interesting stories to comment on.

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