Friday, January 11, 2008

Crap Night

I am so annoyed now this is ridiculous. It was all set to be a nice Friday night takeaway until they fucked up and poisoned my lovely Kofte with burger sauce the mustard gas of sauces needless to say I couldn’t eat it and left it for the others to have. So anyway I tried to put it behind me and do some levelling/farming on WoW but lo and behold the server kept kicking me off every 10 minutes. Great thing about crappy wireless featuring crappy routers from formerly government owned is that you are never quite sure if it is the rubbish coverage of the wireless router or the feeble bandwidth you are getting from your hardline broadband connection that is leading to all the problems.

Now on to the News…

I was a big fan of Marion Jones former women’s Team USA basketballer then came out of nowhere to take the athletics world by storm. Then her husband got caught doping and it all changed she was dirty by association and then years later it was all proven correct she had been taking performance enhancing drugs for years perhaps all through her career it just kind of leaves an athletics fan a bit numb to be honest.

What doesn’t help is the way the UK media report it like a jealous ex trying to stick the knife in, with this sort of holier than thou attitude as if UK athletes have never tested positive for drugs. It sickens me to be honest, even now I can remember a special on the doping regimes in the East back in the 80s they went after the athletes who back then had no idea what they were being systematically given by their governments and the effects it would have in later life.

I can remember Paula Radcliffe protesting at a European Championship I think it was about an athlete who had challenged and somehow got around a positive drug test, she went on and on over various BBC shows and probably others but then when UK athletes tested positive she was strangely quiet then especially strange as she had been on Championship teams with them and again she failed to speak out when Ohurugu missed her drug testing appointments. I could go on but anyone who watches BBC coverage of sport should notice how Nationalistic and verging on Xenophobic it get.

Hmm oh well that’s enough of that.

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