Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fandom Random lets all go to Cambden

Fandom, it is a strange word indeed I had not heard it in popular usage it basically means a collection of fans around a famous person and or sport. I first heard it referring to Harry Potter fans around the world most notably on Fandom Forecast a rather nifty Podcast I like to listen to from time to time.

Anyway I found myself thinking about how many fandoms I consider myself a member of. First and foremost I guess is Harry Potter because it seems that fandom is just very good at bringing themselves together through things like online groups, premieres, special podcasts and conventions. It is certainly one of the biggest fandoms around but it is not the only one.

Another fandom I am a fan of is Anime. For you that don’t know what anime is basically it refers to Japanese cartoons. Don’t ask me how you pronounce it I do it my way others do other ways, anyway amines you have likely heard include Dragonball Z Crying Freeman and Death Note. This is probably the fandom that I have been involved with the longest but it is a lot more disparate than the Harry Potter fandom but all over the world you’ll find people who know what Akira is and why it is amazing.

Anyway at the moment I am trying to now build up a list of anime series, which I will be discussing in a future blog.

Torchwood is back; I just saw an announcement for it on the BBC. It is an awesome show; to me it shows off everything that is wrong with Doctor Who. Which in case you did not know suffers from the problem from having 12 or 14 episodes but actually only about 4 episodes worth of anything remotely interesting to watch at most in a season it is a shame when you have two stars with as much going for them as David Tennant and Freema Agyeman so it is a shame they did nothing with it. Torchwood as well as its more adult theme compared to Doctor Who’s family centred approach allows it to play closer to the core ideals of Science Fiction, dark and grey and futuristic. Anyway I’ll be watching I hope you can too.

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