Thursday, January 10, 2008

Run for your lives

Bird flu panic is amongst us again sigh, once can only hope that the British public who choose to read the red tops and to be fair some of the other posh rags as well will wake up to the fact that the only reason they go on endlessly about what bird flu could do is to sell more papers. Unfortunately it seems with a free and independent media (not free from rich foreigners with media agendas just free from government) that you just can’t control these things so it is up to Joe Shmo to educate himself, which I strongly encourage. Hell you certainly don’t have to treat everything from me as gospel go out there and discover the truth for yourself but please don’t think you can buy it off a newsstand for a few pence.

Sorry for the short rant piece spent most of my time concocting a covering letter that will hopefully get my CV read. I should be a little more free with the time next post I hope. Plus I am making some changes to the blog personalising a bit with things you might find interesting or you might not either way it is nice to make an effort.

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