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TV REVIEW: True Blood "You're No Good"

True Blood

S06E03 “You’re No Good“

I am kind of having fun with this, the series flows a lot better when you watch it with little downtime and the flow of the story fresh in your mind through writing these recaps. So grab a cool beverage and settle in so we can talk all about True Blood Season 6, Episode 3 “You’re No Good”.

Jason what is wrong with him and why oh why does no one seem to care? Elsewhere Eric decided not to eviscerate the daughter of the Governor, I can’t see how that could possibly go wrong. Reverend Newland got himself picked up by the Anti-Vamp squad.

The journalist/civil rights activists/pushy hipsters help Lafayette and Glass Jim I mean Sam back into his place after the wolves left with Emma. Lafayette gave them a warning to stay away from all things supernatural and dun dun dun it was like foreshadowing.

Billith decides that the Sun has been talking shit behind his back and he’s about to go outside to have a chat in what I have called the Brouhaha in Bon Temps I think I’m going to go with the bookmakers on this one though.

Niall heads out on the hunt for Warlow and heads down to the Fae refuge which is empty of people and yet full of blood. After Niall finishes doing some impressive fae CSI he leaves the refuge only to meet up with Ben whose last name is Flynn somehow only managed to find it a day and a half after being given the directions by Sookie. I still think he is a spy probably for Warlow but we will have to wait and see.

Jason and Sookie FINALLY have a talk after Jason spending most of last season completely nuts and he explained about his hallucinations and Sookie suggests he go to the hospital, I figure if one of the few living relatives you have left comes to you with that you might be a little more insistent but whatever.

So we head off to the Sheriff station where they have taken delivery of new anti-vampire weaponry including those UV bullets and we see it is take your daughters to work day because the kids are there and they have done another age jump, got to be good for working child actresses in Hollywood right? Anyway Andy’s ex comes in after getting scared to death by hungry vampires the night before so he takes her off for some gun training.

The wolf compound has some unexpected visitors in the form of two dick cops looking for Emma’s dad who strangely enough has disappeared from his house. They somehow manage to make it out alive after Alcide’s mate manages to scare Emma into shifting. This whole scene is a little throwaway except for a suspicious owl looking on.

Andy shows that his game is strong and manages to get back in his lady friend’s good book because as I well know chicks love guns.

Niall drops his entire millennia long back story on Ben who decides to join up in the fight against Warlow. This seemed a little weird to me I would have thought Niall would have been more secretive about what he was doing but I guess when you are royalty perhaps you see the good in people or perhaps Fae are far more trusting than humans.

Jessica and Bill make plans to avert the vampocalypse™ and Bill sends Jessica off in an inappropriate outfit to find the creator of True Blood and Bill goes off to speak to Sookie.

Meanwhile back at the Vamp Camp the Newlands are bickering and I could care less, it is not interesting in the least though that hair is more than a little impressive.

Jessica’s mission is a success because well the guy had a pulse and that outfit is all kinds of fan service. Bill’s mission ends in failure and Jason getting bounced around like a sack of potatoes we do see that he has some serious control over his telekinetic abilities, Bill also says Sookie is dead to him which was interesting to think about as we go further through the series.

The journalists/activists show up at the Wolf compound and things escalate quickly, though they were being idiots trying to secretly tape things. Side note Rikki is seriously buff, things fall apart and half the pack decides to shift and go out for some hipster snacks, Sam seizes the opportunity for a jailbreak and then loses my respect when he decides to go after the head activist putting Emma at risk of recapture.

The governor has figured out where his daughter is or at least who took her and calls Eric. Can I just ask at this point how old is she meant to be because I assumed she was like 25, finished college and was working as an intern for dad but the earlier scenes with the backstory make it seem like she is supposed to be much younger. It doesn’t take long before Eric realises the gig is up but even before that Tara steals the girl away scared that Eric might actually execute her in retaliation for the Governor’s action, personally though I wasn’t convinced.

Back at Sookie’s house, Niall and Ben arrive but then quickly set off to capture, Eric’s sister who is watching for Warlow too.

Bill gets stopped by Sheriff Andy and seemingly senses the fae scene in Andy’s car, as he gets the whole evil mastermind look going on when he is walking away. That is all that mattered in “You’re No Good” an episode that is a come down from “The Sun” but still manages to be better than the premiere. Next week I am changing up the style of the recap to be less literal and more about my feelings while watching. What did you think “You’re No Good”?

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