Wednesday, June 11, 2014

TV REVIEW: True Blood "Don't You Feel Me"

Season 6
Episode 6
“Don’t You Feel Me”

True Blood did some serious pruning to the cast list something that it had needed to do for at least a couple of seasons, join us now as we take a look and see what happens next. Todd Lowe is the man who played Terry Bellefleur who is of course now deceased which for me is a shame. Terry is amazing in the books and always seem to punch above his weight on the show even that unspeakable war and curse storyline.

Warlow is still doing his best Edward Cullen impression and it is still a little creepy though it seems that Sookie is at least partly falling for his charms. Sookie takes Warlow to the fairy dimension which takes him outside of Billith’s summoning range. While there they talk about their feelings and eventually hook up and make shiny fae sex lights, which was kinda disturbing but hey it is True Blood moving on.

Vamp Camp is a truly twisted place and in this episode we get a real good view of it when Jessica and a dashing young (looking) vampire are threatened with violence if they don’t have sex. It is a hard scene to watch but it does pretty much make you an instant fan of this new vampire who seems at least at first to be a nice guy. We also see Eric and Pam bury their differences into the throats of a couple of guards and begin a long run at escape which eventually reveals the big bad possibility of poisoning the entire vampire population of Louisiana (and I guess judging by all the attacks on bottling plants most of the US) with Hep V.

Sam decided to hand over Emma to her grandmother who left the pack which I think in the end is for the best because those folks are psychos and because I am so uninspired by this storyline. Adeline has a name and good grief she deserves it I am surprised she is not still in shock after her shocking life so far I hope she lives through the season.

Bill drinks the fairy juice and it seems to work for now so he promptly heads off and a little jog and only goes and assassinates the tyrant himself aka the Governor. I don’t blame him but I hope he realises that this isn’t solving anything at the most it might buy him a little time still Bill is far less annoying now than he was.

At just over the half way stage I have to say this is the best season of True Blood in a long time so much better than the previous season. The storylines are mostly tight and going somewhere and the characters are mostly being three dimensional and seemingly following motivations that make some kind of sense. With another four episodes to go I am only slightly worried about the show derailing into a burning fireball of a mess.

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