Monday, June 16, 2014

TV REVIEW: True Blood "Dead Meat"

True Blood
Season 6
Episode 8
Dead Meat

After this there are only two episodes left, to be honest I thought that I would have more questions. At the end of the season there is going to be a major death apparently now I take that to mean a death that would have someone staying dead and not being resurrecting through some weird hijinks. I don’t know who is going to die but trying to bait us into thinking Sookie is going to turn isn’t going to work with me. Still let’s get to what actually happened.

Jason is now in a committed relationship with Violet who is awesome because she seems to be a vampire who intimidates Pam, yeah I’ll give you a minute while you check to make sure you read that right. She is a really odd vampire and definitely not lacking in confidence she also seems pretty old so I hope she sticks around even if it seems to signify the end of any hope for Jason and Jessica.

Now that whole Bill and Eric scene to me just ending up with Eric bitching about things far beyond Bill’s control, yeah he is mourning but he was also just being a jackass he broke a deal and then went from jackass to that crazy revenge trip he went on with Russell.

Ah the Werewolf Pack I still really don’t care but it was nice to see Alcide half step up against Rikki the fight itself just made me feel uncomfortable so I’m glad it didn’t last that long. The fallout though was that Alcide left seemingly his positon and with Nicole and her mom and later returned them to Sam.

Terry’s life insurance scam and Arlene’s struggle with the Belflour Matriarch were actually far more interesting than I thought they would be I was always confused by Arlene and where the show wanted to take her given how much of a 180 she is from the books but I can say this season has been good. Also seeing Arlene’s friends around her is given the cast something to do and get their teeth into, Sheriff Andy’s speech about whether or not he should go after Terry’s killer was something special though I can’t blame him for Terry as it was Terry’s idea.

Sookie, oh Sookie I don’t even know what to write in here I just don’t get even half of her motivations to do the things she does or more accurately more moan about the circumstances to which she finds herself. Warlow wanting to turn her into a vampire yeah that sucks but his seemingly genuine declaration of love is a bad thing? Yeah a little over the top and teleporting into her bathroom speaks of boundary issues.

Bill puts things to her plainly enough your blood can save your friends but she sits there and second guesses him all this after pretty much begging Pam to turn Tara and her agreeing to, just seems that she forgets what others have done for her in the past. Then when she went to Sam and said that he was her safety husband I was like I’m sorry wut. That has got to be one of the most insulting things she could possibly say, I know Sam was mad but after that I would have been furious, it just shows how self-involved she is. Unfortunately given this is the second to last season it doesn’t seem like something that is likely to change.

Oh crazy Sarah Newlin, to be honest I don’t have a clue what is going on with this storyline but I guess the writers really wanted Anna Camp back after last season. Still without Anna we wouldn’t have Vamp Camp without her so I’m going to try and forgive her god inspired craziness.

Well I really do wonder what is going to happen next episode as most shows tend to go big penultimate and resolve some in the final. I am assuming Warlow is alive as that would be way to abrupt if Eric had actually just killed him.

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