Monday, June 23, 2014

TV REVIEW: True Blood "Radioactive"

Here we are at the end of an interesting run of a series that successfully resurrected itself from near death. Before my season 6 marathon I was dreading the final season until this one restored my faith in Bon Temps.  Anyway enough of this wanton praise let us discuss what actually happens in “Radioactive”.

To me the most controversial but necessary step was to turn Warlow back into a bad guy I think it was simple and weak choice it could have been done a little better but it was a fairly packed finale. Now for some reason Warlow being alive was providing the daylight resistance to all the vampires who fed from Bill with his death they revert to your normal run of the mill vampires. Let’s face it there was no way they were going to let the daylight thing run over to the new season.

Violet is a weird possessive girl but I like the dynamic between her and Jason, I wonder if he thinks he can change her because as we see she has a hell of a temper.

And then we have the time jump which was interesting in itself, 9 months is a good space of time and allowed for the interesting changes around Bon Temps such as Sam as Mayor, Violet moving in with Jason and finally Alcide and Sookie getting back together.

It seems the Hep V takes a lot longer to kill vampires when it is out in the wild so they have become quite a problem in Louisiana. The mayor and Bill who has become a bit of a celebrity after breaking the Hep V/Tru Blood story have come up with a plan for a vampire to protect a human on a one to one basis.

To that end the hold a mixture at what is now Arlene’s bar, things seem to be going well until dun dun dun, Bill and Alcide smell trouble and we see the zombie vampires attacking the party in force. This season has been a revelation and for me at least the season MVP has to be Sheriff Bellefleur, Chris Bauer definitely brought it home and helped make True Blood something other than a mess of sexy times and nonsensical plotting. I just hope things stay at this level next season.

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