Thursday, June 12, 2014

TV REVIEW: True Blood "In The Evening"

Season 6
Episode 7
In The Evening

Wow Jason that was a seriously gentlemanly thing to do and I feel kind of bad for him I don’t think he was expecting such a cool reaction from Jessica but even with that he still went out and did what she wanted. I like this Jason much funnier and easier to deal with than the weird Jason who sees racist visions of his parents (*cough* still not explained).

Poor Jessica though she really is in a very dark place and after her recent experiences and the fact that she is really young even by human standards I am amazed that she didn’t entirely fall apart. I’m not really sure what to make of the whole sex thing, in fact I actively do not wish to discuss so let’s move on.

So Nora isn’t looking too good and Willa is actually kind of growing on me, you got to step it up though I suppose if you spend all your scenes carrying a severed hand. We learn about Nora’s origins but bleh who cares about that – not me. Nora then died so we now know exactly how deadly Hep V would be should those bottles successfully ship out.

Arlene’s grieving breaks through to Sookie and she leaves Warlow in Faeville and helps out her friend, Arlene is falling to pieces and lashing out all over the place but we can see that the family has rallied around her. Bill strolling in like a boss was interesting to say the least, his words to Arlene were immaterial the real scene was the face down with Andy, a speech about his losses and Andy’s losses and the fact that they both have one daughter left… that was intense. Put simply I’m sorry Jessica killed your daughters but touch her and I’ll probably execute your entire family scary stuff but hey Andy just stood there in front of the Vampire strolling around in the daylight and only backed down because his girlfriend asked.

Things are getting interesting down in Bon Temps to say the least and I need to know what happens next.

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