Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TV REVIEW: True Blood "Fuck The Pain Away"

Season 6
Episode 5
Fuck The Pain Away

Yeah that is a very weird title but never mind as we have an episode to recap. Well I wasn't sure it would ever happen but we got some interesting background to Sookie’s story though it came across a little confusing. When Sookie’s dad was arguing with her mom about killing Sookie it made it sound like Sookie was maybe a baby or a little older but I am sure they had shown in the past Sookie being five or six at least and listening to her mom’s fear of her. Either way though it reveals that Sookie’s Pops be cray cray and that Warlow is a creepy stalker that makes Edward Cullen look like a happy go lucky kind of guy but apparently women dig that.

Eric steps up in a big way and goes to Vamp Camp seemingly in order to break out Pam and maybe if he can be bothered Tara and Jessica (that bit made me chuckle). Poor Jessica is reeling from her spree killing of the fae hybrids and goes to Jason for support resulting in one of the sweetest scenes on True Blood, unfortunately crazy Sara Newland had just fucked Jason for Jesus and she storms out and somehow manages to rescind Jessica’s invitation. By all the rules of Vampire Lore I know only the resident of a house can do that so I am than a little confused. Anyway Jessica gets scooped up by the vamp patrol as a result of Sara calling them.

Yay we have more Lafayette time but no because we could all see where this was going I mean how many times has Lafayette been body jacked? I guess that there really wasn't another way but it felt awkward and horribly telegraphed.

We get Warlow flashbacks to Fae in loin cloths and the story of how he was turned by Lillith. Something interesting is that someone told Lillith of the Fae and that they would be vampires’ salvation. We pretty much know what happened as Niall mentioned it before the extra is how exactly Warlow managed to kill his Maker.

Meanwhile back at the bar, you know where Sookie once worked AGES ago Terry calls on an old army buddy to well you know off him. That seems like a hell of a lead in but when he reveals that he killed their comrade he just signs up. I don’t know if this is about understanding the hell they went through together or his silent rage of the needless murder of a friend anyway this guy used to be a sniper and promises that Terry won’t know when the shot is coming which is honourable I guess. 

This whole thing is very messed up. We start to see more of what happens at Vamp Camp and some of it is pretty darn disturbing, though the survival game nonsense with Eric was mostly funny.

We can’t talk about this episode without talking about Sheriff Andy and the Fae Hybrid that Lived. That was a hell of a scene Andy busting into Bill’s house by himself with a pump action to save his children, they may be like 3 days old but that didn’t seem to matter and when he scooped up his girl and took her out. I wasn’t a fan of the fae daughters storyline but now that there is one of them hopefully it will suck less.

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