Friday, June 6, 2014

TV REVIEW: True Blood "At Last"

Season 6 Episode 4 “At Last”

I’m still catching up on True Blood in preparation for the new season so join me as I take a look at my thoughts and fears regarding “At Last”. So Eric was thinking about the longish game with taking the Governor’s daughter as he decided to turn daddy’s little girl into the thing he seemingly hates most. To be honest as a centuries old vampire I would have thought he would have come up with something a little less destined to fail.

Warlow is now well and truly in the cold harsh light of the moon and I find myself more than a little confused by his motivations. When you think about he goes through a lot of work to keep the body count (around Sookie at least) non-existent sending Niall to the weird hell dimension thing and healing Jason though that second part may just have been to better glamour him later?

Ah the fairy hybrids with no names are you already gone we didn’t even know you. They were cute and then they became very annoying almost to the point that their deaths would be meaningless, except for poor Andy and his reactions. That seems to be a bad choice from the writers they should have made us more invested in them I know there is only so much time but if I can hear Pam saying the exact same thing to Eric for four episodes in a row then maybe you can give the hybrids some characterisation.

Pam and Tara happened but you know what if I could care less I would so let’s move on to Sam and civil rights girl. I’m sorry but I really can’t buy the hook up it made no sense he’s grieving for his last girlfriend, pretty much adopting said girlfriend’s adorable child yet he has time for a hook up my head hurts from this seriously. And no Lafayette around to save me from the stupidity of this storyline.

I almost forgot the werewolf pack who are totally crazy and I don’t even know what to say about them other than all the other civil rights hipsters appeared to be dead by the end where is this going to go? It seems that the excellent quality of episode 2 was a one off and things are tailing off in terms of quality again I am in till the end of the season though so we shall see.

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