Thursday, May 29, 2014

TV Review: True Blood "The Sun"


The Sun

So this is the second episode of my catch up to the last ever season of True Blood. Let’s go with what I like to call a loose recap. Bill’s head is a dirty, dirty place of wonder it seems thought I’ll be honest and say I didn’t really need the women covered in gore as it had zero to do with the bigger picture.

Sookie did have a fairly crap night so we can probably let that slide meanwhile over at Merlotte’s it seems that an unholy and craptastic old storyline was trying to rise from the grave, that soldier storyline featuring Terry was awful despite everything his best efforts. Now though with his pregnant girlfriend (I think it is girlfriend and not wife) we might have to revisit that.

Sookie finds a handsome stranger in need of aid because that stuff happens in real life too, RIGHT? Anyway enter the love interest or at least one of them given that this is True Blood Boinkfest (somehow that last part got cut at the working title phase). It is weird because I know the actor from a British soap and it is jarring to see him here.

Also I totally thought those people who turn out to be reporters would just be crazy tourists destined to be killed, now they are journalists destined to be killed and rather pushy ones at that impressive research to figure out Sam’s secret though.

Bill’s stuff is so crazy it is actually entertaining though the draining of the human blood bag was so disturbing I am keeping it out of my mind as I write this.

Anyway cute fae kids are hilarious and it is good to see the sheriff doing something other than getting high on V or other foolishness. They seem to have stopped at that age from last episode though maybe they will be teenagers by the end of season.

Poor Jason and his craziness, I do wonder if his visions will ever be explained because I don’t remember them being explained last season. Anyway we find out that Rutger Hauer is in fact Sookie’s fae grandfather and not the elusive dimension ripping vampire Warlow, the grandson, granddad bonding was funny because they are just as weird as each other.

We get the confirmation that the wolf pack is part of the baddies as Alcide kidnaps Luna’s cute daughter from Sam and Lafayette which is a shame because I want to think of Alcide as noble in his own way. For now though it seems I’m wrong about the big guy.

That is all that happened that mattered in “The Sun” oh yeah and Bill can see the future now and the future is very warm. This episode proved to be a huge step forward from episode 1 of this season so maybe there is this whole upward curve thing happening right now. A man can dream can’t he though mostly not of Jessica as she seems to be mostly keeping her clothes on. 

So what did you think of True Blood S06E02 “The Sun” if you can remember that far back OR like me find yourself catching up?

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