Monday, May 5, 2014

World of Warcraft Post: The Quest to 560 AKA Gimme Dem Heirlooms

So those who follow my posts know that I have a World of Warcraft itch that must be scratched with more than a few level 90s over two servers and what probably seems like a strange dislike of organised raiding. I won’t go into those reasons now but with handy addons like Oqueue I THOUGHT that raiding wouldn’t be a problem, how wrong was I.

My main reason for having to try Flex was to try and get myself an Heirloom weapon drop from Garrosh. For those that don’t know the heirloom only drops in Flex or greater, no drops for us plebs running around in LFR. Now when I first decided to step up I thought that this wouldn’t be too bad as at the time I was sitting on an Elemental Shaman who was my main and was sitting on 530 ilvl or so, this was months ago say a little after the heirlooms were in game.

What I found to my cost when trying to get into game though was the same gear score nonsense that went wild during Wrath of the Lich King all that time ago. In order for me as a DPS to get into a Trade or oqeueue Flex Raid I had to up my game so to speak way up to the tune of 550 ilvl or more and oh yeah don’t bother coming without the Achievement for killing Garrosh too. So we went back to that Catch 22, I/O error or however you want to describe people pretty much looking for a free ride to their phat lewtz.
To get to 550 ilvl you pretty much have to be running normal and mostly being unlucky, where is the hope for aspiring people outside of Raiding Guilds, and before you say crafted armour I already had all the crafted armour possible on that character.

The more I play World of Warcraft the more it seems that the development team want everyone to be in raiding guilds, though they often say things like players prefer with their friends, well my friends left in droves before the run up to Cataclysm with very few coming back. My server died a death and I had to move to a new one, which Blizzard probably would have loved if I paid for 5x character transfers unfortunately for them I am not a rich man.

I really am starting to get the feeling especially with the upcoming changes mentioned in Warlords of Draenor that people like me are surplus to requirements in the Blizzard scheme of things, which is a shame when it seems that battle pet collectors come above you in the scheme of things. LFR with no tier rewards and no trinkets so all those players  that helped me and others get through those Tuesday Evening LFR runs (EU here so day before reset) will be gone to the more fertile lands of Flex or whatever the hell it will be called in WoD.

Here I am bitching about things but what am I doing, yeah I’m here grinding my Priest and Paladin in their healing specs through Flex wings because I am a masochist it seems. In reality though it is because there aren’t a lot of other games out there that I could go to if I decided to quit WoW. I tried The Old Republic but after it went Free-To-Play they messed with it so much as to make it unplayable without ponying up some cash. The story mode was pretty fun though I will say that and the choices that you could make did have me cackling like a Sith Lord at least have the time but you need more than that.

So that is enough from me I need to go grind out Timeless Isle stuff so I can upgrade my Warforged and crafted armour in an effort to eek out a few more ilvl points.

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