Monday, April 28, 2014

GAMING POST: Play Sega Controller on PS3

So last time I was telling you that my controller finally arrive what followed was a torturous process of finding out how the buttons mapped out for SSFIV Arcade Edition. I made a little chart below so you don’t have to.

NOTE: The Play Sega Controller has no button for Start or PS so you will always need to have a proper controller connected to your PS3.

PS3 Controller buttons                                                  Play Sega Buttons
SQUARE                                                                               A
TRIANGLE                                                                            X
CROSS                                                                                   B
CIRCLE                                                                                  C
L1                                                                                            Y
L2                                                                                            L
R1                                                                                           Z
R2                                                                                           R

I fully intend to pick up a few more fighting games to see how this controller works. I like how the controller feels it certainly handles well though I am severely out of practice and it shows. Hope this helps people out there who want a nice cheap controller that works well.

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