Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Time To Crush My Enemies Is Now

If you have been following my tweets and blog posts you might have noticed that I have been trying to play my PS3 more. To that end I recently picked up Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I watched it a few times on YouTube and figured it was worth checking out, though the last time I played Street Fighter seriously was Alpha.

The game is pretty cool though it does take a bit of getting used to with all the juggles and crossovers and a dozen other terms that I am only now starting to grasp. The main issue with playing is not the game itself it is those PS3 controllers they are really not conducive to this type of fighting game.

That weird missing inside piece of the PS3 makes all the difference and makes doing motion moves, like a fireball (which is Down to Down/Forward to Forward and press a button) a bit of a challenge. It can be done but not reliably as with other simple controllers I have used (not arcade sticks).

So after some research I found a copy of one of the best fighting controllers EVER for sale and I thought I would try it. Granted it is only a knockoff so the quality is in doubt but if it is only half as reliable then it should be ok as it will only be used for one game. Here are the pictures of the original and the knockoff.

The controller is of reasonable quality and the price is pretty cheap at around £9. My next problem is trying to map out the buttons to see how they work on Street Fighter which I will probably write down on my next blog because my goodness I would have liked to find it online. If you're looking for the controller a quick amazon or ebay search for "Saturn USB PC controller".

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