Saturday, May 24, 2014

TV REVIEW: True Blood "Who Are You, Really?"

True Blood Season 6 Episode 1
Who Are You, Really?

So way back in 2012 I just tapped out with the whole True Blood thing, the show had started strong and even encouraged me to try the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Unfortunately crazy ghost witches made me question my viewing habits and a season of The Authority bored me to tears and had me reconsider the show.

Anyway with True Blood coming to an end this Summer I thought it was worth finishing what I started. So let’s do this thing, previously on True Blood Sookie and the gang escape the Authority compound, Bill goes Super Vampire and Luna died.

Sookie and the gang made it out and proceeded to bitch at each other endlessly because escaping with your life or undeath shouldn’t cause you to sigh with relief or be grateful at all. Anyway ignore that because the Governor of the great state of Louisiana holds a press conference over all the bloodshed and basically declare war on Vampires, seizing their property and advising Americans to go buy some guns (made me chuckle too).

All through this Jason is whooping it up like he’s at an all state college football game despite the majority of the vehicle’s occupants being vampire because Jason is Jason and he still hates Jessica from all those shenanigans last season.

The gang split up as the bitching continues Jason runs off, Sookie stakes Jessica who is being summoned to Bill and Eric and sis who I can’t even bring myself to IMDB her name seemingly go off on their own.
Meanwhile in werewolf land, actually you know what fuck the werewolves this side plot is appalling boring and cannot be saved with an amazing pair of breasts and a really, REALLY creepy suggested threesome.

One of the few things that moved me was Sam and Luna’s kid at the bar running into Lafayette I don’t know why but it touched me and that little kid has got some acting skills. We also saw the Sheriff and his rapidly growing bunch of half fae kids (not going to call them half fairy just no).

So far after watching this episode it seems just as crazy as before now with a super vampire that wouldn’t look out of place on an anime series but no point judging after only one episode so I’m signing on for at least another one.

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