Friday, December 3, 2010

TV SHOWS - Misfits

So here we are well into the 2nd season of Misfits a British Sci-Fi drama shown on E4 in the United Kingdom. When I first started seeing the trails for the first season of this new drama I couldn’t help dismissing it as Skins with powers lots of drug and sex references and not a lot of anything else. After catching the first season I felt fairly vindicated it was nothing special but maybe did a little something to examine the idea of what real characters might do when they discovered they possessed super powers.

The end story of season one was interesting though with a young girl going around converting people into her upstanding morally strong slaves and the appearance of a mysterious masked rider who saves one of our intrepid heroes.

After coming to the end of the season I thought it was OK but certainly not anything special and I did not anticipate it getting renewed but here it is and strangely enough I find myself watching again. The initial episodes were more of the same and I began to wonder how they managed to get renewed but then it threw out a surprise or two. Time travel, the emergence of a real superhero and a super powered villain of the week has definitely improved things as well as the existence of a new future story arc in the Misfits universe.
The writers have succeeded where many other sci-fi shows with far more money and hype behind them have failed. The show has managed to improve on itself in the 2nd season and give its viewers a reason to watch so let us hope they keep us this good work to the end of the season. I will see you there!

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