Friday, December 17, 2010

MY THOUGHTS - Broadband is GO and other stuff

Broadband is here FINALLY. The initial speeds are pretty good but I guess they may change overtime. One thing I have noticed just from occasionally checking the local wireless networks that a lot of neighbours are on Sky too, them and Talk Talk really have a foothold in the local area. Switching to Broadband is initially an expensive step but it should be cheaper in the long run no more running out of bandwidth at crucial points when I am trying to do work or just do some gaming.

Plus the bonus means I can watch TV episodes whenever I want and I will hopefully no longer suffer from excruciating lag when playing World of Warcraft. That is a major plus in my opinion and it really helps keep on top of things like writing this blog and contributing to various online communities.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
So I am thinking it is going to be another two weeks before I can buy the expansion, as a guy who likes to get off to a quick start it is really irking me to have to wait and constantly read about realm firsts and the ludicrous gold making that can be had in the first few weeks of a new expansion. Also I know people who are already raiding perhaps my bad luck for knowing overachievers but it still leaves me feeling seriously left behind.

Other stuff
Broke is the word of the day if not of the year as it comes to an end. Hopefully I will finally get some employment with some decent hours early next year and go about building myself a proper life of actually being able to sleep at night wake in the morning go to work and all that exciting stuff. I don't need to earn loads just something to break even and get rid of the debt you know? Anyway I don't want to bore you readers to death check back in a few weeks when I start blogging about my own Cataclysm experiences.

Finished the final Hunger Games book - Mockingjay. Short review of the series - it is the most depressing book or series that I have ever read I kept on hoping in the end that something redeeming would happen but no it was just unrelentingly depressing and negative. After finishing it I really do sit here wondering what the heck all this hype was about. The first book was awesome but things seriously just go down from then on. If you haven't started the series yet and don't like thoroughly depressing books I would steer clear.


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