Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peering into the void

So it is well and truly into the Christmas period which combined with the recent snowy weather has made the UK a bit miserable.That is just for everyone else, yours truly already hates the holiday period with a burning passion. I always find myself down around this time of year and this is no exception. Freezing to death while doing your shopping just doesn't make for a very happy Shaft.

This time of year just brings things into focus like what has not succeeded and those ongoing issues that otherwise complicates your life. I think I'm rambling here so I will just close with saying if you're out there and you feel like crap hang on for dear life, eventually the nights will get shorter and it won't require four layers to get the morning paper.

Be well and go eat some candy, may not be healthy but certainly made me feel better, mmmmmmm coconut cake.

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