Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So all my carefully laid plans have gone up in flames it seems I thought that by now I would be happily running or more accurately flying around Azeroth by now fishing, questing and trying to hoard items as much as possible to sell later. Instead I find myself writing this article offline only to try to upload it on my phone’s meagre Internet connection whenever I get this thing finished.

Already as I check out the WoW related blogs I have seen that we already have our first level 85 indeed by now I would suspect there are dozens across the various regions of the world where Cataclysm has been released. I doubt there are any gathering related world firsts left on my realm. But enough complaining obviously things are going to change in my Cataclysm schedule.

First up I don’t have a fixed date for buying Cataclysm all I can say for sure is that I will do my best to buy it before Christmas so I have something to do on the day. I have finally got a phone line installed at the fortress but unfortunately for me broadband won’t be active on the line till near the end of next week. What am I meant to do till then? Well as it is so near Christmas finances are incredibly tight with the purchases of a phone line and broadband.

So there won’t be a whole lot in the way of World of Warcraft content on my blog for the next couple of weeks, instead I will be sticking to other areas of interest including a couple of book reviews and general discussions.


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