Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Thoughts

It is Christmas so here we are, well probably we will be at Boxing Day by the time this goes out. My day was spent mostly sleeping in and trying to stay warm then I finally managed to drag myself up listen to a little Five Live before heading into Azeroth to do a little fishing nothing too heavy just mainly for the skill ups.

Now after some tasty Chinese leftovers I am sat here reading various internet articles and pondering ways of sprucing up my blog with a nice central image. Somehow though while thinking about this I managed to find another article about the naughty things that Disney stars do. Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and now Demi Lovato with some interesting pictures of her and her dancers. Add to that the gossip of why she went into a treatment center with the scuttlebutt being it was to avoid the aftermath of giving a kicking to one of her dancers for supposedly grassing her up and some might say they are spoiled and out of control.

I think that is a little harsh I am not so confident in my own ability to stay sensible when introduced to that kind of fame and fortune at such a young age, true a few celebrities stand out as good role models and in the end that is only because the media tell us so. And with the paps and your friends selling you out at every turn it makes staying on the straight and narrow even more difficult.

So spare a thought for young celebrities you certainly don’t have to pity them just don’t assume you would be so superior if put in their position.

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