Friday, December 31, 2010

World of Warcraft - So I bought Cataclysm

And it is pretty cool. This is probably the first time when I have been truly ‘ready’ for an expansion the last time with Wrath of the Lich King I was barely at max level and certainly I had no experience of end game raiding and pvp. Now I read guides of all shapes and sizes I follow a number of WoW and gold making blogs (I WILL listen to a podcast soon I promise) and I think I know at least my two preferred class and spec combinations.

The new quest zones are interesting well Vash’ir is Hyjal is more than a little boring but I think with 4 character to get to 85 over the coming months I will use it as a levelling option again. The quests themselves are usually interesting and require you to read the text though the whole 360 degree nature of the underwater zone can sometimes drive you mad when looking for a cave hub.

The instances are... different think Razorfen Kraul that is what I thought when I tackled Blackrock Caverns, that instance is long and the bosses just seem to keep on coming definitely different to the WotLK dungeon style with their general structure of 4 to 5 bosses and small numbers of trash pulls. Don’t worry though it certainly isn’t getting back to Burning Crusade style dungeons  but you certainly have to keep a good 2 hour window open if you are going to try the LFD group while you quest but things will only get shorter once people gear up.

Can’t comment on Archaeology though everything I hear tells me to avoid it like the plague and that it is the worst time sink ever.

I recommend it seems silly to stay stuck on WotLK content when there is now so much to explore.

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