Saturday, December 25, 2010


So here I am finally about to have a day to myself in quiet contemplation, even today I had to pop out to get some shopping my parents got for me. Certainly not complaining though that food will mean that I can save my money in harsh financial times for all of us. So given the time of year consider this a general round up of stuff I have not had time to post up due to far too much time lost to insomnia and World of Warcraft.

So just reading through a great post by @sykezington at the Just Another Goblin Community alerted me to the recent 30 hour service blackout experienced by the vast majority of Skype users. This is rather bad timing for Skype as in a few months time they will be asking for investors. They are remaining pretty tight lipped as to the reason for the failure. Maybe they installed a Windows 7 update on their server I know that has taken down my new netbook more times then it should.


Gantz is a sci-fi manga that is a really interesting and fresh read. I can’t give you a plot synopsis of it would take too much of the fun away it is far better to read through the opening issues and sit there wondering to yourself “What the heck?”. The artwork on display is top notch and the storyline is fairly gripping and I can definitely recommend is as one of the best adult oriented mangas I have read. Not adult like most of the Internet just not the child friendly stuff like Naruto for instance.

Definitely worth a read or a watch as it was released as two series of thirteen epiodes.

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