Thursday, October 28, 2010

World of Warcraft - Tales from the AH

I did it!!!
What did I do you ask well I finally sold my first 400g Glyph. Even though I spend too much time reading gold blogs I only recently noticed that I have 5 glyphs of mage armor hidden in my glyph stockpile. Clearly though it is not a main earner for me so I thought I would tell you a little of what invested in and put up for sale.
·         Glacial bags – Expensive to craft but usually sells within a week of posting. I farm my frostweave on my tailor when she does dailies and the infinite dust comes from the saronite shuffle which is thankfully cheap on my realm about 15g a stack.
·         Abyssal Bags – Thanks to Miss Mediocre for this. Cheaper than a glacial bag with no cooldown I craft two a week and list them one at a time with a little spamming of trade because people still don’t understand it is a 22 slot bag.
·         Meta gems – Yeah more saronite shuffle shenanigans the prices here vary dramatically so i do not invest to much into this there are better ways to invest eternals at least on my server
·         Frostweave bags – On a good week these can be selling for 65-75g gold a piece and unlike glacial and abyssals tend not to take 5 days with a couple of relistings to shift. Once again my main which I used to use to do 10 dailies a day probably 5 days a week is a tailor and so generated a fair amount of excess frostweave for free and I disenchanted cheap jewelry crafts into the infinite dust. A slow and steady earner this one.
I am also sharing what I am stockpiling for patch 4.0.3 when the new race/class combinations come out and we will get a flood of new alts.
·         Runecloth –gathered from running Scholomance to get rep for my 3rd Crusader

·         Netherweave cloth – all the blogs say bags sell well so I figure it is worth a shot

·         Saronite ore – I pick it up whenever I can prices are already started to spike

·         Eternals – Fire, Life, Shadow and Earth mainly

·         Fish – on my way to fishing to 450 so I stockpile the fish to sell later

So that is my take on World of Warcraft gold generation. However if my word is not good enough why not check out these blogs to get some tips.

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