Thursday, October 7, 2010

World of Warcraft - The END is Nigh

So if you are a follower of all things Warcraft you will know that the release date for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is now set in stone. From time to time I like to blog about my experiences in WoW it can seriously suck you in. Making gold for some of us becomes a bit of an obsession which is silly after all it is just a game. I just thought I would go over the basics of what I do to make my gold in World of Warcraft.


Yes it is boring and when you have 3 level 80s it can be ridiculously repetitive. Repetitive yes but ultimately it is rewarding especially if you do dailies around a hub as in a relatively small area connected by flight paths as opposed to flying all over Northrend and therein wasting time. My chosen path is starting from the Argent Tournament and going west to the Ebon Blade quest centre. That is good for 10 quests per character who runs them at 13 gold each with a couple of extra gold bundles with a few of the Argent Tournament quests.
It is certainly not as sexy as some of the ways of gold making but it helps to keep a steady income stream to pay for repairs and consumables.

I have had some success crafting ICC blacksmith items but it can’t now be relied upon this close to Cataclysm’s launch everyone is starting to zip their money purses for the new expansion.
I really can’t wait till the new patch hits which will give us access to the new talent layout and will throw out things like armour penetration and easy tanking . Scary stuff, indeed it is nearly time for change.

So now that we know Cataclysm is coming on the 7th of December it is time to do some planning for those of you who are like me and spend far too much on our machinations in Azeroth. So I thought I would talk a little about my plans for when the patch launches to prep us all for the new expansion.
[A levelling we will go, a levelling we will go]
The patch opens up new race/class combinations of the existing races of course. The Horde changes are the ones I find interesting so I will be levelling the following in the few scant days between the patch and the expansion:
A Troll Druid likely to be feral in nature.
A Blood Elf Warrior just for giggles.
I shall report back after the patch drops and shitstorm begins =o)

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