Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shaft's Words - Going from Strength to Strength

So I have noticed almost by accident that I have got a lot more serious about blogging recently with the number of posts really starting to pick up. I’m hardly going daily but I am getting close to two posts a week which I think is probably near the ideal for me. I have decided to diversify my blog posting as before but at least now I try to identify the subject of a post in advanced so if you wanted to you can skip ones if you are say only wanting to hear about World of Warcraft stuff and are totally not interested in Anime or US TV.

So I feel I owe to myself and you the readers (as seemingly invisible as you are) to take steps to improve things on this blog and to seek new audience in order to enrich the blogging experience all around. The blog will be looking inward over the next few days using some tips found from other established blogs who know what they are doing while also trying to establish some links with other websites that are relevant.

It is all mostly in the planning stages now but hopefully we will be moving forward soon but don’t worry the posts will still be coming as thick and as fast as possible.

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