Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CHUCK season finale and Screwing the Pooch

So I caught the Chuck Finale as broadcast on Channel One here in the UK (formerly Virgin1) it was pretty good, a thrill ride with the same mix of high kicking and comedy. I have to say though i was really disappointed with the first half of the season in my view there were a lot of throwaway episodes and I tend to hate that still I guess in the end they were able to thread together something that was worth watching.
So on to the screwing the pooch. Channel One wasted no time in revealing that if you wanted to catch Chuck season 4 you’d have to stomp up the cash because it is going to Living home of quite a few top American shows like Supernatural, CSI and Grey’s anatomy. There is no worse crime against TV viewers in my opinion then stealing shows that started on Freeview. House was a good example going from Channel 5 to Sky after like 3 or 4 seasons that hurt to say the least.

It is stunts like these that mean people seek other ways to get their TV fix. One only need to look out how long it takes Smallville to get here after the season goes out in the US it is beyond a joke and something like 10 months from premiere over there to premiere over here. In this era of Internet and instant information do the various tv execs really take into consideration how much spoiler dodging one has to do if they are to wait for official broadcasting of a show they follow? Just something to think about.

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