Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World of Warcraft - Honor Weapons + Easy Gold


First off thanks to MMO Champion for the first part of this post as without them and the Boub for something that otherwise would have totally gone unnoticed by people like me. For some strange reason and I tend to assume that this is some sort of strange error as a result of the emblems, marks and honor to Justice Points/Honor Points conversion, you can now get arena gear and weaponry for just honor points with no rating requirements needed at all.

Please note a few things though:

1. These are the 1st tier of weapons and armour so not the best you can get ilvl 270 and down by the looks of it.

2. Taking the time to check the vendors shows according to tooltips that you still need ratings, IGNORE THIS just click to buy them and you will be able to should you have enough honor.

3. I would act fast there are hotfixes and mini-patches galore I would suspect before Cataclysm due to all the game breaking this holiday is causing plus all the fun dps level changes that have the raiders gnashing their teeth endlessly so this could be returned to how it was.

Why is this important well for me it is a godsend and I will tell you why. As someone who (used to?) like playing on his paladin shields both the defensive kind and the caster ones were a nightmare to get a hold of especially like me if you didn’t like to raid as a tank and usually just went as a healer. The shields only cost 70 honor points whereas weapons and the like start at around 1400 for one-handers. That has got to be an error so as the commercials say ACT NOW.

For those non-palas (or shaman that like to have all specs covered) this might be a good time to supplement that second spec weaponry I for one will be farming up the honor in the hopes of purchasing a nice two handed weapon with those lovely PVP level stam numbers for my DK to tank with. She is usually frost dps.
And remember all you young goblins better weapons can often open up new lines on your gold making businesses.


In order to cast Easy Gold – Shaft's Word (Rank 1) you need the following reagents:

- At least one level 80 (DK are ideal), more level 80s means more gold
- To log in before the end of the current WoW Holiday event
- About an hour or so of time

Once you have all these things you are ready to go, just log in and jump on a flight patch in Northrend, Outland, Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor then just fly from settlement to settlement on your factions side pop into the inns there and click on the big pumpkin and boom nearly 14 gold per inn at maximum level. Sure the flying gets a little boring but then you can always queue for something (Oh no you can’t at least on EU servers no end of gremlins in the system currently). You have to remember this is the best kind of free money literally only taking you the time to click on the fat pot of gold at your destination, there is no chasing down mobs, clicking on silly usable items to free souls or flying around collecting stuff it is just go here, click that and profit. Nuff said.

Poke. Poke. Poke



Hey reader why are you poking me? Oh so you say you don’t have a level 80. Boo hoo, ok no that was harsh I tell you what you can still make some use of this money trick but for you it will be an XP trick to speed you on your way to level 80 (or lower if you intend to be a twink for some reason). Through some discovery of my own I have noticed that clicking a giant pumpkin head will net you something like half the xp that a yellow quest should at your level so for anyone above level 40 who by then should have a good choice of inns that they can get to without much trouble it should be more than worth your time so get out there and profit.

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