Saturday, October 16, 2010

World of Warcraft - PATCH took my money :(

Well not really but it took me a full day to install that damn patch, having to restart it twice at various points because of various errors which was rather frustrating. I was one of the many trying to quickly in and get crafting on the glyph market to make some quick gold though obviously it did not come to pass. I felt rather frustrated to be honest but upon having a good look at the AH over the past few days (since Thursday when I could log in) Glyphmas it seems did not quite reach my server.

A little background my realm on the EU servers has always been a little weird compared to most in terms of the AH activity.  I used to look to my friend on Sunstrider for advice and generally all the trends he used to mention really never showed up on my server. Now I do scans and check on trends I just find my economy seems a lot less diversified than others which seems to make it harder to get ahead in the gold race. I am currently sitting on 20k but to be honest I would say at least half of that is good old gold grinding, dailies, soloing instances and the like with only a few lucky wins on the AH from enchanting mats and some blacksmith crafting of ilvl 264 stuff.

The Glyph market itself is much like it was before the patch with glyphs going as low as 6g and not a lot higher than 40g barely worth the time and certainly not worth the money if you dropped 2k or so on herbs which fortunately I haven't plus I'm still levelling inscription being only on 441 as I write this so I didn't get burned too badly.

I'm obviously monitoring things closely and hoping to make some more gold soon 20k isn't enough for me at least I want to be rolling in the stuff for Cataclysm when hopefully you might be able to transfer things cross realm and make economies truly interesting (cue maniacal laughter).

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