Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are The Gates Closed for Good???

So this past weekend the last two (EVER??) episodes of the supernatural show The Gates were broadcast. Although the show initially sort of appeared on the scene with little fanfare as far as I noticed it quickly became one of my favourite new shows. The mixture of the normalcy of a desperate housewives-esque modern reality with hints of horror as well as the normal politics of such an upper class closed off community makes for interesting viewing. It was interesting to see Rhona Mitra (remember when she was famous for being a Tomb Raider model) the last time I saw her was the recurring role on Stargate: Universe she does well in her role as Vampire and home maker.

The series grew from just being interesting because it was about the creatures of fantasy living in our world to generally holding up its own interest with an intriguing storyline and characters that you wanted to know more about.

Something else that surprised me about The Gates was the eye candy, let’s face it regardless of your gender there is usually someone on a show that makes your eyes light up or your heart beats faster. In my case there are two actresses Marisol Nichols and Janina Gavankar. I’ve seen Marisol in a few things beforehand a quick IMDB search suggests The Storm as the last thing I might have seen her in, apparently Janina was in L word but I never got to see that even though I know it had the redhead from Mutant X who is now in CSI I think came in much the same time as Fishbourne still though I no longer watch that.

[UPDATE: I have seen Janina before in an episode of NCIS one that centred on Tim in a women’s prison. She was the hot prisoner who kept threatening everyone. I realise it’s not very realistic but I distinctly remember her in the sexy vest.]

Anyway now that it is over I am hoping against hope that we will see more of that show, hey if Jericho managed it I don’t see why this shouldn’t. Even if the show has now ended I would suggest it is worth a look if you have the means to pick up the series on download.

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