Monday, September 13, 2010

I've been away but I'm here now


Hellcats is a College Cheerleader based drama starring Ashley Tisdale (of High School Musical fame) and is about a pre-Law student forced to become a cheerleader in order to continue her studies. It is set in Memphis which is interesting by itself and makes a change to everything being in the OC or New York. She starts out as the total anti-cheerleader stereotype but seems to get won over by the prep squad by the end of the first episode.
I think it is worth a watch even without all the tight, taut and tanned bodies of the young cast constantly being on show, there is nothing wrong with that aspect of it though and there should be enough for both sexes to happily perve at when not being enthralled by the plot.

Will be coming on tonight in the US and I am eagerly anticipating it. I remember catching the pilot all those months ago and thinking typical chick stuff and left it for months till the first season finally showed up over here in the UK thanks to ITV2. Even then I left it until I dunno the 5th or 6th episode. Slowly but surely it managed to grow on me. Probably thanks to Ian Somerhalder and his portrayal of Damon.
Everyone likes a bad boy and you need it next to the initially whiter than white Stefan and the wishy washy Elena. You got a witch and a group of good looking friends for side stories. In the second half of the season things got much better we had awesome guest stars, one Malese Jow for instance and a storyline that was actually worth tuning in for every week. So if you haven’t seen it head out and pick up the box set and if you have then get ready for the new season.
I have watched the VT premiere and I have to say I am impressed I don’t think I am truly spoiling anyone to say that Katherine is still around for the first episode and things go straight ahead full speed. The thing I found compelling at least from the second half of the season is the fact that all the cast of characters have some form of plot that keeps on going like True Blood I think is a good comparison. I see no reason to stop counting Vampire Diaries of one of my top shows and I highly recommend it this is only the 2nd season so catching up is easy.

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