Friday, August 13, 2010

Yeah Happy Scary Day of menace and monsters people. So as it is Friday the 13th I shall share with you my favourite Horror movie which is Tremors which stars Kevin Bacon. It is pretty funny and not incredibly scary but it is rather well written as horror films go and the pacing is exciting. I almost consider it more of an action adventure than a horror but it does follow quite a few horror rules.

This film is certainly worth a watch in my humble opinion. Speaking of films I listened to the Five Live Film review earlier (featuring the B team as usual it seems) and they reviewed the Last Airbender (The Real Avatar some might say) a US made anime-like series that is a big hit with the kids. I definitely want to check it out but you guessed it, the film was panned HARD. I hope to catch Knight and Day, Last Airbender, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Scott Pilgrim VS the World.

Enough movie talk now...

Pretty Little Liars had its Summer Finale this week and well it went out with quite a bang. Can’t really compare it to the book as I have not read it but the show is pretty good and I can’t keep my eyes off a couple of the show’s stars Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell. Apart from the high sugar content of the eye candy the plot is pretty interesting too all about a group of girls being harassed by a mystery person who may or may not be their now deceased former clique leader.
I highly recommend you get caught up with it if you want to pick up a thriller series filled with the pretty people.

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